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  • Domestic shipping

    Domestic shipping

    Our company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with more than 20 domestic shipowners so that our routes radiate to major coastal ports, and our land transport network radiate to domestic cities and towns. Our timeliness, costs and services can completely make you rest assured while entrusting us.

  • Project logistics

    Project logistics

    Our company is committed to designing logistics solutions from the perspective of customers, integrating and optimizing business resources, including multi-modal contact, warehousing and loading, purpose services, document turnover, etc. . .

  • Ground trailer

    Ground trailer

    Relying on its resources and customer resources to be market-oriented, our company has more than 60 vehicles and agreement-related vehicles, more than 20 strategic cooperation fleets to provide truckload, part load and special-line transport services in the Pearl River Delta and domestic major cities.

  • Warehouse loading

    Warehouse loading

    Our company has a warehouse in guangzhou huanpu supporting container transportation services, providing supporting services for container unpacking, packing, and temporary storage. Its superior geographical location, convenient transportation, modern facilities and professional warehousing team can provide you with the best quality services around the clock.